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Introduction of stainless steel diamond tube

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Stainless steel diamond tube refers to the seamless tube pattern tube and welded tube pattern tube.
      Generally used in handrails and decorations, the material is generally 304 stainless steel or more, and the steel belt is used to press the patterned tube first and then Integral forming and welding to polish the exterior.
       Stainless steel welded checkered tube, checkered tube is generally diamond pattern, square pattern, circular pattern, take steel belt embossing , steel coil forming welding. Stainless steel seamless diamond tube, generally for decoration, the use of seamless tube on both sides of the pressure, press out Ring pattern, polished. The specifications of the diamond tube are generally 22mm-48mm, and it is used for home decoration, stair guard handrails, pipe handles, car handrails, etc.
      The application time of stainless steel pipe in China is about 40 to 50 years, and the ordinary stainless steel pipe can not meet the requirements. In order to meet the needs of households, Foshan Zhonglian stainless steel pipe manufacturers developed a new type of stainless steel diamond pipe around 2015 Please enjoy the beautiful picture of the flower pattern tube.
       These new stainless steel diamond tube whether it is to do stainless steel pipe guardrail, or do stainless steel stair handrail, or The security windows are very beautiful. Stainless steel pipes with patterned shapes on all sides are matched together, from which angle In the past, you can see patterns, which can also make users feel different.
       Now most users build houses are also built more beautiful and unique, such as villa style. So the new type of stainless Steel diamond tube for them is able to meet their needs.