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Cleaning Method of Stainless Steel Pattern Tube

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Stainless steel checkered tube is easy to produce dust, oil dirt, deposits, corrosion products, polymers and other dirt after long-term use. . How to clean it today? Zhonglian Stainless Steel The editor will tell you what to do.
Step 1: Degreasing
For chemical cleaning of oil scale, the first is degreasing, oil and fat in the acid solution and water is not mutually soluble, It is miscible in alkali solution. Thus, the selection of materials required for the alkaline cleaner is critical.
The choice of alkaline cleaning agent: the use of Bm-608 alkaline cleaning agent, the role of oil dispersion.
Alkali cleaning process: the use of recycling, soaking, recycling and then soaking cleaning methods, while the import and export of cleaning agents can be with many exchanges.
Alkaline cleaning agent temperature control: in the process of alkaline cleaning is mainly temperature control, the higher the temperature, emulsification The faster the dispersion penetration ability, the shorter the cleaning time. The temperature should be controlled at 80-90 ° C throughout the cleaning process.
Step 2: Comprehensive acid washing
After alkali cleaning, because the stainless steel pattern tube is curled in the direction of flow, there are many dead corners, and oxygen is present at the bend. Carbonate scale, organic matter deposition becomes hard dirt, calcium and magnesium ions generate carbonate scale, so it must be carried out. Descaling cleaning.
Aminosulfonic acid as the main agent, citric acid, EDTA as the main agent, and add 0.25 percent of the Lan-826, add 0.3 percent of Surfactant, the temperature is controlled at 50-55 ℃, the maximum is not more than 60 ℃, cycle soaking for 5h, according to the acid concentration Check whether it has reached the end of cleaning, and then rinse with water.
Step 3: Passivation Treatment
When the water rinse, should be out of the regular passivation treatment, using 1.5% trisodium phosphate, 0.1% NaOH, passivation The liquid temperature is controlled at 80-90 ℃ for 16h. Finally, the passivation liquid is released and the water is washed clean before it can be put into operation.
Stainless steel diamond tube has been widely used in recent years, mainly because of the special spiral pattern However, this pattern of pipes is also easy to hide dirt, which will cause some trouble for pattern tube cleaning. .