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What are the processing technology of stainless steel diamond tube?

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Usually stainless steel pipe for decorative effect, will be on the surface of the pattern processing, common stainless steel diamond tube Processing technology: manual engraving, mechanical milling, sandblasting, stamping, chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, etc. Six kinds. Today, Zhonglian Xiaobian will introduce several common processing methods, as follows:
1. hand-carved
      Using diamond blade to carve out a variety of patterns, pattern precision is poor, high labor intensity, low work efficiency. Handmade Engraving is suitable for concave-convex surface decoration with low precision requirements.
2. mechanical milling
       Use mechanical equipment to manipulate rotating tools for milling. This method can only be engraved on flat steel plates. Capacity Easy depth milling.
3.stainless steel diamond tubeSand blasting method
       High-speed emery is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece by compressed air to form a pattern of sand surface. sandblasting method out The surface is rough, not easy to spray thin patterns, the depth is generally not more than 0.08mm.
4. imprinting method
       Use a font, mold or round roller to apply pressure, forcing the local material plastic deformation and pattern. Imprinting depth I Generally, it can reach 0.05~0.20mm, which is called stress durability mark.
5. chemical corrosion processing
       By various printing techniques or photoengraving, a resist film with a patterned pattern is formed on the surface of the workpiece. Etching is performed in the etching solution. After removing the film, a pattern with higher precision is obtained. Suitable for mass production. Etching The depth can reach 0.02~0.05mm.
6. electrochemical corrosion processing
       Use an auxiliary electrode in a suitable electrochemical etching solution to the surface of the workpiece that has been covered with a patterned resist film. The etching process is performed to obtain an etched pattern. The etching speed is faster and the pattern formed is deeper. Use special instruments and equipment.
       Generally, the processing method of stainless steel diamond tube is based on the above points, and the actual operation should be processed according to the needs of the product. The number of patterns, types, effects, etc. to choose the corresponding processing methods.