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The usefulness of stainless steel capillary (on)

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The use of stainless steel capillary (I)
      Can be used as an automation instrument signal tube, precision optical ruler circuit, industrial sensors, electronic equipment The protection of the line protection tube, the capillary tube of the thermal instrument and the internal support of the hollow core high-voltage optical cable.
      Stainless steel capillary Features: good flexibility, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, water resistance And it has excellent shielding performance. The stainless steel hose can be freely bent into various angles, In the direction of the same flexibility and durability; stainless steel hose between the flexible pitch, there is Good flexibility, no blockage and stiffness; stainless steel threading hose has a certain Tensile resistance to prevent the damage of the hose from causing the line laid inside the hose to be exposed and axially pulled The force can withstand more than 6 times the inner diameter.
The use of stainless steel capillary (II)
Capillary as a raw material is widely used in petroleum, electronics, medical, aerospace, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, water supply equipment, food machinery, power generation, chemical and other fields. Specific For example the following:
      (1): Medical equipment industry, injection needle tube, puncture needle tube, medical industrial tube.
      (2): industrial electric heating tube, industrial tubing
      (3): temperature sensor tube, sensor tube, barbecue tube, thermometer tube, thermostat tube, instrument Instrument tube, thermometer stainless steel tube.
      ( 4): pen tube, core tube, pen tube.
      ( 5): all kinds of electronic micro tube, optical fiber accessories, optical mixer, small diameter stainless steel capillary
       ( 6): watch industry, mother and child, ear bar, watch belt accessories, jewelry hole needle
      ( 7): Various antenna tubes, car tail antenna tubes, rod antenna tubes, mobile phone stretch antenna tubes, Stainless steel antenna.
       ( 8): Stainless steel tube for laser engraving equipment.
       ( 9): fishing pipe, fishing rod pipe
      ( 10): All kinds of food industry tubes, feeding tubes.