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The use of stainless steel capillary tube (below)

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Stainless steel capillary tube will be used in many places, we live and production will be used, this Because stainless steel has good characteristics, this characteristic is mainly a good corrosion resistance, pressure resistance Yes, but also can use to many aspects, so by people's favorite.
Stainless steel pipes can be used in the conduction of water and gas in our lives. In order to take advantage of the conduction of the range hood, so that it can have good performance and reduce the impact on our health. live impact.
Stainless steel pipe for industrial use. In industry, this capillary is also a component of many precision instruments. , And in the connection of these instruments, has a very good test effect, of course, for some precision As far as the instrument is concerned, this part plays the role of transmission and connection.
Stainless steel capillaryDetails of the purpose
Widely used:
1. Medical device industry injection needle tube, puncture needle tube, medical industrial tube;
2. Temperature sensor guide tube, sensor tube, barbecue thermometer tube, cabinet room thermometer tube;
3. Pen tube and core protection tube for pen making industry;
4. Miniature antenna tube, portable computer antenna, wireless network card antenna, all kinds of small precision stainless steel antenna;
5. All kinds of electronic miniature small diameter unembroidered capillary;
6. Jewelry punching needle;
7. Watch industry, children and mothers, ear bars, watch belt accessories;
8. Instrumentation tube, thermometer stainless steel tube;
9. Automobile tail antenna tube, rod antenna tube, antenna tube;
10. Special stainless steel tube for carving;
11. Pipe for fishing rod;
12. Industrial tubes for catering;
13. stylus pen, all kinds of mobile phone stylus pen, computer stylus pen;
14. Industrial electric heating tube, industrial tubing;
15. Small diameter precision stainless steel tubes for various industries.