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Introduction of sand light pipe

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Brief introduction of sand light pipe
Most of the stainless steel pipes are consistent with most of the products we see in our lives when they leave the factory, and the surface is presented. Bright metal luster, and very smooth, this surface is generally called bright light tube. But with stainless steel pipe processing With the continuous progress of the process, there are many kinds of processed pipes on the market, among which we often see some There are some very fine lines on the surface of the rust steel pipe. This line can be seen and is very beautiful. In fact, it is also stainless. A common processing technology of steel pipe--sand light pipe.
Now, people's aesthetic vision is becoming more and more critical. In the past, the surface of the stainless steel decorative tube was smooth and flat. Now the requirements are not so simple. People in order to visual effect can be better, more beautiful, has appeared The processing technology of multi-stainless steel decorative tube, in which the sand tube is more common, and his lines can be various.
We usually have the following two kinds: straight sand pipe and round sand pipe. The handrails in the subway generally choose a round surface. Sand Stainless steel pipe, and some shopping malls handrail selection surface is straight sand stainless steel pipe. Sand surface tube in addition to the surface with lines, and And it will be darker in brightness than the bright light tube, showing matte light, and it will not bring obvious fingerprints when touched by hand like the bright light tube, This stainless steel decorative tube is now also very widely used, in many building decoration materials or furniture can often see sand A smooth tube.