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Detailed introduction of stainless steel capillary

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     Stainless steel capillaryFeatures: It has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, flexibility, water resistance, high temperature resistance and high-quality electromagnetic shielding performance. 304 stainless steel capillary tube can be bent into various angles and has the same flexibility and durability in each direction. Stainless steel hoses are flexible and convenient, have good flexibility and no stiffness. 201 stainless steel capillary has certain tensile resistance between the buckles of each section and edge, which can prevent the damage of the hose from causing the lines laid inside the hose to be exposed. The axial pulling force can bear more than 6 times of the nominal inner diameter.
Wall thickness: 0.1-2.0mm
Material: SUS316L,316,321,310,310S,304,304L,302,301,202,201, etc.
stainless steel capillary uses:
     Stainless steel capillaryAs a raw material is widely used in medical, petroleum, aerospace, medical equipment, air conditioning, chemical, electronics, accessories, kitchen utensils, food machinery, power generation, pharmaceuticals, water supply equipment, boilers and other fields. Specific examples are as follows:
      (1)304 stainless steel capillaryCan be used as: medical equipment industry, injection needle tube, puncture needle tube, medical industrial tube.
(2) Industrial electric heating tube, industrial tubing
(3) Thermometer tube, temperature sensor tube, barbecue tube, thermometer stainless steel tube, thermostat tube, sensor tube, instrument tube.
(4) pen tube, core tube, pen tube.
      (5)201 stainless steel capillaryVarious electronic microtubes, fiber optic accessories, optical mixers, small diameter stainless steel capillaries
(6) watch industry, mother and child, ear bar, watch belt accessories, jewelry hole needle
(7) Automobile tail antenna tube, various antenna tubes, stretching pointer, miniature antenna tube, laptop antenna, rod antenna tube, mobile phone stretching antenna tube, stainless steel antenna.
(8) Stainless steel tube for laser engraving equipment.
(9) Pipe for fishing tools, pipe for dropping fishing rod
(10) All kinds of catering industry tubes, feeding tubes.