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Application range of embosed tube

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Application in the home industry, such as household appliances, food and cooking utensils, cabinets and bathrooms, office supplies, home decoration, handrails, anti-theft nets, handles, daily hardware, water heating equipment, locks, lighting, roofs.
       embossing tubeapplied in the construction industry, such as window frame decoration, building outer wall, elevator compartment board, ceiling, luxury door, tunnel project, car compartment board, hall wall board, outdoor project, walkway board, advertising nameplate, hotel, screen, lobby interior and exterior wall and other large-scale architectural decoration (railway station, subway station, bus station, airport, etc.), hotel, building business decoration, public facilities, new house decoration, star hotel, large shopping mall, rich color bar, luxury KTV, luxury club, clothing display cabinet and other places of luxury decoration.
       embossing tubeShould be in industrial industries, such as aerospace, atomic energy, military industry, chemical anti-corrosion, metal box shell, mechanical equipment shell, shipbuilding, train interior, transportation vehicles, etc.
It can also be used in many other areas. For example, a black embossed tube can be used to make a solar collector, and its selective heat absorption rate can reach 91% to 93%. In the field of arts and crafts, the combination of 304 stainless steel tube and printing can be used to produce three-dimensional relief murals and hanging screens that will never fade, which are deeply loved by consumers.