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How to judge the quality of stainless steel decorative tube?

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When choosing stainless steel decorative pipes, we all want to choose good quality stainless steel pipes, but what factors determine the quality of stainless steel pipes, do you know?
1, raw materials
As we all know, the quality of raw materials for stainless steel decorative tubes in the market is uneven, with refining furnaces and medium frequency furnaces. Different raw materials create different quality.
2. Quality of Calendering Plant
A good calendering factory to make the surface of raw materials clean, bright, soft and hard moderate, rolling uniform, the quality of stainless steel diamond tube play a decisive role.
3. Production process requirements
Each manufacturer of stainless steel decorative pipe has different requirements for quality, and the production process is different. Some manufacturers with strict requirements have high quality standards. For example, the outer diameter tolerance of circular tubes requires ± 0.1mm, ± 0.3mm, the diagonal tolerance of square tubes requires ± 0.15mm, and ± 0.4mm.
4. Responsibility of employees
The degree of automation in the stainless steel pipe industry is relatively low, and it depends to a large extent on manual operation. Therefore, the quality of the stainless steel pipe made by an employee with a strong sense of responsibility will be better than that made by an employee with a poor sense of responsibility.
5. Quality of auxiliary materials
The brightness of a stainless steel diamond tube polishing depends on the quality of the polishing material, and the tube polished by a good polishing material is black and shiny. Poor polishing material throws out a yellowish whitish tube.
The above is all the contents introduced by the stainless steel decorative tube manufacturer Zhonglian Stainless Steel, hoping to be helpful to everyone.