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Quotation of stainless steel industrial pipe

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The price of stainless steel raw materials continues to rise, and stainless steel industrial pipes are also bullish all the way and continue to float red, which has attracted the attention of many people in the industry. Xiaobian is also more concerned about the price of stainless steel pipes, saying that the great cause was completed in the second half of the year. Sure enough, the second half of the year has just begun, and the stainless steel pipe industry has got off to a good start.

According to a recent observation by Xiao Bian, the main reason for the continuous rise of stainless steel pipes is that nickel, the raw material, is rising. In June, nickel and iron are still in a tight balance. China's new production capacity has reached the short-term upper limit. However, Indonesia's production has been affected by some factors, and the new production of some iron mills has not met the expectation, so the supply and demand in July will continue to maintain the current situation.

As the saying goes, "buy up but not down", it is a characteristic of the price change in the stainless steel pipe industry. Once it starts to fall, there is generally a process of continuous slowdown, and you can wait accordingly at this time. However, due to the stimulation of several good news, once it rises, the price increase is generally sudden and large. Therefore, following the general trend of the stainless steel market, it will be easy to find a suitable price point for purchasing.

In fact, in addition to the instability of raw materials will affect the price of stainless steel pipe, different models, different materials, different quality of stainless steel pipe prices will also be different, the following small series simple with you to sort out the stainless steel industrial pipe What are the materials.

Special specifications manufacturers can be customized

The common stainless steel industrial pipes on the market are mainly made of 201, 202, 304, 316, 316L, etc. In fact, they are only foreign stainless steel brands. In China, the brands refer to the composition of chemical elements. They are mainly different in one point and have different nickel contents. 201 stainless steel decorative pipes have 1 nickel, 3 nickel, 201H stainless steel pipes have 5 nickel, 202 stainless steel engineering pipes are actually similar to 201H, also contains 5 nickel, 304 stainless steel pipe is generally 8-12 nickel, 316 stainless steel decorative pipe is 12 nickel, in addition to 2 Mo molybdenum, 316L has 14 nickel, also has 2 Mo molybdenum.

In the price of stainless steel industrial pipes, the higher the nickel point, the more expensive it is. Therefore, 316L stainless steel engineering pipe is the most expensive, followed by 316, 304, 202, 201H,201 stainless steel pipe price is low. However, the higher the nickel content, the better the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of stainless steel industrial pipes. It depends on how you choose! Detailed price recommendations on stainless steel engineering pipe or direct consultation manufacturers more accurate!