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The price of 201 stainless steel capillary tube will change according to what factors?

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Zhonglian stainless steel website has many customers visiting and consulting about 201 stainless steel capillary tube every day, of which the price is the most important one,. Today, I will simply sort out the factors that affect the price of 201 stainless steel pipes, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

1. Quality of raw material steel strips for 201 stainless steel capillaries: Steel strips on the market include refining furnaces and intermediate frequency furnaces. Intermediate frequency furnace materials are made of scrap and defective products recycled from steel. Because the materials of recycled materials are uneven, their stability is poor. Refining furnace materials are divided into J1 and J3 materials, and J3 is also cheaper than J1 steel strip.

Different steel strip grades determine the quality of stainless steel pipes, which also affects201 stainless steel pipeA factor in the price. We can't judge the appearance of the product directly. The two mainly lie in the difference in chemical composition. The key to the price is the content of "carbon", "chromium" and "copper. The carbon content of J3 is higher than that of J1 material, and the higher the copper content of J1 material, the higher the tensile and anti-rust properties. Chromium content can significantly improve the strength and hardness of the material, as well as improve the corrosion resistance of the steel.

2, 201 stainless steel capillary processing technology is different: such as different brightness, drawing number and so on, different process price is not the same. The stainless steel pipe bending process has high requirements on the toughness and ductility of the stainless steel pipe material. The real 304 stainless steel pipe, the pipe is softer than the 201, the toughness and ductility are better, not easy to break, convenient for bending and other processes.

However, 304 the price of stainless steel pipes is relatively higher, some people do not use 304 bending, bending and other processes in order to save costs, and use stainless steel pipes. Bending with ordinary stainless steel pipes is easy to break, and the forming rate is very low, but there is a 201 stainless steel pipe available, that is, high copper stainless steel pipe. The content of copper in the stainless steel pipe helps to improve the brightness of the pipe, in addition to the content of copper will also improve the toughness of the pipe, so the high copper 201 material pipe will be soft, toughness is better than ordinary stainless steel pipe, can also do some simple bending and other processes.

3. Batch size: The difference between large and small batches also affects the price of 201 stainless steel pipes. Some people think that it is cheaper to buy stainless steel pipes from manufacturers, because they buy more and in large quantities, the price will naturally be cheaper than getting goods from agents.

4, the logistics cost of delivery: because the volume of stainless steel pipe is relatively long, thin pipe is a light throw goods, different delivery locations, the corresponding transportation costs will increase, the sales price will also increase.

The above is the Zhonglian stainless steel small plait finishing, influence201 stainless steel capillaryThe price factor, I hope you can choose a stainless steel pipe manufacturer with guaranteed quality and reassurance when buying stainless steel pipes.