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Why does the price of stainless steel decorative tube change greatly?

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Stainless steel decorative tubes are becoming more and more common in life, just like ourstainless steel diamond tubeMade of stair handrails, anti-theft windows, villa fence gates, etc., which also means that more and more consumers like to use stainless steel pipe products. When you choose stainless steel pipe manufacturers, you must shop around. After all, everyone wants to buy better stainless steel pipes at the right price. At this time, you will find out why the prices of stainless steel decorative pipes are different?

In fact, the main reason is divided into the following points

Different raw materials

Everyone knows that only good raw materials can produce good stainless steel decorative pipes. The common stainless steel belts on the market are mainly divided into two types: refining furnace steel belts and medium frequency furnaces. Refining furnace steel belt is made of ore and other materials with refined furnace coal. It has ideal control over harmful raw materials, soft material, good polishing and smooth welding seam. The key is strong corrosion resistance, deep processing, convenient deep processing such as bending and welding. The steel strip of the stainless steel tube of the intermediate frequency furnace is poor in both material and production process, the composition control is not very good, and the environmental damage is also very serious. In addition, the polishing effect is poor, the hardness is high, and the deep processing is difficult, and the important thing is that the performance is unstable and the corrosion resistance is poor.

Different material

As I have shared with you before, the higher the content of chromium and nickel in the element content of stainless steel diamond tube, the better the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and the more expensive the price.

Different thickness

Stainless steel pipe manufacturers can sell in two ways: by ton and by branch. In fact, selling by branch is to calculate the price of each branch according to the price per ton and the weight of each branch of stainless steel decorative pipe. Therefore, the weight of stainless steel decorative pipe will also affect the price of a single pipe, and different thicknesses will affect its weight.

Different suppliers

  Stainless Steel Decorative TubeThe relationship between the manufacturer and the different suppliers, including the cost of processing such as rolling and stripping, including the monthly pick-up volume determined by the size of the plant, will affect its relationship with the supplier and may vary the average cost of materials per unit of time in different plants.

Different manufacturers

Stainless steel pipe manufacturers have different requirements for the production quality of pipes. Some small factories may be exiled to the market after random inspection of pipe forming, but this kind of thing will not happen to regular large manufacturers, so special attention should be paid to this point when purchasing.

These are several reasons that affect the price of stainless steel pipes. I hope I can help you!