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Stainless steel decorative tube how to sell?

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I believe that whether it is still in the stainless steel tube understanding stage you or looking for decorative tube stage you or you have the intention to buy, is a very curious question, that decorative tube in the end how much money a ton?


Stainless steel decorative pipes are also called stainless steel welded steel pipes for short. Commonly used steel or steel strips are welded after the unit and mold are crimped and formed. Welded steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, varieties and specifications, less equipment, but the general strength is lower than seamless steel pipe.

Reasons that affect prices

In fact, the price of stainless steel decorative pipes is not completely unified, because there are many factors that affect the price of decorative pipes, such as different specifications, different wall thicknesses, different materials, and different manufacturing processes. There is a gap in the price of pipes, so the corresponding price cannot be quoted directly, so what factors affect the price of pipes?

1. Material: In the market, there are many kinds of stainless steel decorative pipes. The performance of stainless steel pipes of different materials is different, and their prices are different. Just like the corrosion resistance of 304 material is better than that of 201 material, so the price of stainless steel diamond tube is more expensive.

2. Specifications: There are many specifications of stainless steel decorative pipes. For example, the specifications of 304 stainless steel pipes for Zoomed Stainless Steel are 6-114mm, 15*15-100*100mm for square pipes, and 20*10-100*50mm for rectangular pipes. Pipes within these outer diameter ranges are available. With so many specifications, the prices are different. Those extra-thick or thin pipes are subject to price increase. For example, if the outer diameter is lower than a certain size or exceeds a certain size, they may be subject to price increase, or some pipe models that are not common on the market, and mold fees may be charged for customization.

3. Production process: when the decorative pipe is produced by the steel belt, the surface is very dim, but after polishing, the surface can be polished into 400 mesh, 600 mesh and other brightness, or wire drawing can be processed into 120 mesh, 180 mesh and so on. Each kind of surface effect is not the same, the processing technology is not the same, the labor and working hours are not the same, so the price is different. Some color stainless steel decorative tube, wood grain stainless steel decorative tube is certainly also slightly higher than the ordinary stainless steel white tube price.

4, raw materials: according to the different uses of customers, some need to flare, elbow and other deep processing, the quality requirements of raw materials are different.

5. Manufacturers: Some stainless steel diamond tube manufacturers are not strict in quality control, and the price will be lower than the market price, so that their pipes will have some sales, but do you really dare to use this kind of pipes? Some stainless steel decorative pipe manufacturers strictly implement the national standards, such as Zhonglian stainless steel, and the pipes are all real and thick, with a thickness error of only 0.02mm, which really makes consumers feel at ease to buy and use.