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Introduction of Causes and Preventive Methods of Light Tube Point Corrosion

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  bright light tubeCorrosion occurs at individual points on the surface and then expands in depth. Pitting corrosion on the outer surface of stainless steel pipelines is called pitting corrosion. Zhonglian stainless steel manufacturers for you to analyze the causes of corrosion on the surface of stainless steel decorative pipe:

bright light tube point corrosion causes:

Bright tube pitting corrosion mainly occurs in aqueous media containing halogen ions, such as Cl-, Br-, F-, etc. Pitting corrosion is caused by these active ions destroying the passive film at the weak part of the passive film on the surface of the stainless steel tube. If the surface of stainless steel has iron particles, dust and dirt and other attachments, as well as in MnS and other inclusions and some intermetallic compounds, it is also easy to produce point corrosion.

bright light tube point corrosion prevention measures:

We can regularly clean and maintain the surface of stainless steel pipes; improve the purity of steel, reduce the content of non-metallic inclusions such as MnS; choose stainless steel pipes with high pitting resistance, namely high chromium, molybdenum and high chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen stainless steel. In the medium containing Cl-and seawater, the flow velocity shall be increased ≥ 1.5 m/s to prevent sediment and marine organisms from adhering to the surface of stainless steel pipe.

Light tube weight calculation

The fixed length shall be calculated according to the theoretical weight, and the fixed length shall be settled according to the actual weight.

The theoretical weight of the steel pipe is calculated according to the series formula: W =(D-S)× S × 0.02466

where W = weight per meter of steel pipe; S = nominal wall thickness of steel pipe; D = nominal outside diameter of steel pipe

Surface quality of bright tube

The inner and outer surfaces of the bright tube are clean, no oxide layer, no cracks, folds, rolling, scarring, separation, and hair lines.

The bright tube has inner and outer surface conditions (such as scratches, bumps, grooves) corresponding to the manufacturing method and heat treatment method used, but its depth does not exceed 0.02mm.

Bright tube anti-corrosion packaging

Bright tube coated with anti-rust oil, two-end plastic plug dustproof, inner waterproof plastic film, outer plastic woven bag or wooden box packaging.

The above is the cause and prevention method of spot corrosion on the surface of the bright light tube, hoping to be helpful to everyone.