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Bright light tube can do security window?

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Recently, a friend asked how to use it as a security window, is it safe? Although the embossed tube is of good quality, but the bright light tube also has many advantages. Today, I will introduce to you how the performance of the bright light tube is.


Qualified light tube is a kind of nickel-saving steel, which is characterized by good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high material texture density, and no defects such as bubbles or pinholes after polishing. High welding performance, stainless steel pipe internal weld with nitrogen protection, welding performance with 304 stainless steel pipe is the same. Polished brightness is also 500#.

bright light tubeAlthough there is no embossing tube with high corrosion resistance, the cost performance is relatively high,embossing tubeThe price is higher than that of the bright tube. The bright tube can be used only for security windows. The raw material of Zhonglian stainless steel is J1 steel strip of refining furnace, and the pipe is not easy to rust. Many stainless steel pipe manufacturers choose intermediate frequency furnace steel belts for low-cost competition. Although the surface does not see any difference, it can only be found when it is used that it cannot meet the requirements of stainless steel pipes and is easy to rust.

Main materials

The raw materials are mainly St35, St37.4(10#), St45(20#), St55(35#), St52(16Mn), CK45, etc.

Steel pipe can be any angle of cold bending deformation, flaring, flattening without cracks, suitable for the need for a variety of steel pipe bending deformation processing industry.

Dimensional accuracy

See the attached table "Comparison Table of Dimension Tolerance of Common Specifications" for dimension tolerance of common specifications.
Bright tube delivery length: usually 6 meters, (other delivery length negotiable)
p = test pressure kgf/cm2 or N/mm2S = nominal wall thickness of steel pipe D = nominal outer diameter of steel pipe R = allowable pressure kgf/cm2 or N/mm2, 80% of corresponding steel grade to low yield point

Therefore, it is possible to choose the stainless steel of the refining furnace steel belt as the anti-theft window, especially for the northern inland area, which is cost-effective. If it is used in coastal areas, it is still necessary to choose the stainless steel embossed tube, which has better corrosion resistance.