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Stainless steel furniture tube surface treatment-stainless steel wire drawing tube process detailed introduction

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In recent years, more and more independent innovative surface process treatment, especially the wire drawing process, has basically become a popular processing technology for metal surface treatment. Metal wire drawing not only looks beautiful and generous, but also has the effect of resisting corrosion, and even a trace of fashion trends and scientific research.


The following is the net weaving of Zhonglian Stainless Steel Products Factory, and we will take everyone to master the drawing process of the surface layer of stainless steel plate.


If necessary according to the decorative design, the surface wire drawing process can be divided into: straight grain metal wire drawing, grain metal wire drawing, external thread metal wire drawing, wavy metal wire drawing and spiral grain metal wire drawing.


1. straight grain metal wire drawing: yesstainless steel furniture tubeThe surface has a parallel line texture, which is produced and processed by rubbing the surface of the stainless steel plate. With two-way effect, brush in addition to the surface of stainless steel plate and decorative design stainless steel plate surface.


parallel line metalStainless Steel Wire-drawing TubeIn addition, there are two kinds of continuous silk and intermittent silk.


Continuous silk lines can be obtained with a wiping cloth or a stainless steel brush based on continuous linear friction on the surface of a stainless steel plate. Changestainless steel furniture tubeThe diameter of the stainless steel wire can obtain different sizes of texture.


In addition, sometimes no silk is generally produced in a brush milling machine. The basic concept of manufacturing: two groups of differential driving wheels rotating in the same direction, the grinding rollers rotating rapidly in the upper group, the rubber sticks transported slowly in the lower group, and the stainless steel plate experienced from the two groups of rollers are brushed out with delicate and sometimes non-linear Z lines.


2. textureStainless Steel Wire-drawing Tube: It is made of high-speed copper wire brush. According to the friction of the metal composite material moving back and forth, left and right, a matte silk pattern with no regularity and no obvious lines will be obtained. This kind of production and manufacturing, generally on the surface of the metal composite material analysis requirements are higher.


3. wavy stainless steel wire drawing tube: generally in the brush milling machine and wiping machine made. Apply the axial motion fitness of the upper group of grinding rollers and grind brushes on the surface of metal materials to obtain jumping lines.


4. knuckleStainless Steel Wire-drawing Tube: Also known as optical rotation stainless steel wire drawing, it is a kind of silk pattern obtained by using cylindrical felt or stone grinding nylon polishing wheel mounted on a drilling machine, then blending and polishing grease with gasoline for vehicles, and rotating grinding, polishing and polishing the surface of metal materials.


It is generally used for ring logo signs and large and medium-sized decorative art design watch case strap decorative art design production and manufacturing.


5. inch threaded stainless steel wire drawing tube: a small motor with a ring felt on the shaft is used, and then it is fixed on the table top, forming an angle of about 60 degrees with the edge of the dining table. do another backing plate equipped with fixed metal composite decorative design strip, and stick a pvc film with straight edges on the backing plate to limit the total width of inch thread.


The rotation of the felt and the linear movement of the backing plate are applied to create an inch thread pattern with the same overall width on the surface of the metal material.


Zhonglian in high precisionstainless steel furniture tubeThe quality control of the metal surface treatment level is very strict and prudent, in ensuring thatstainless steel furniture tubeThe specification of the piece is high precision to carry out the surface of the solution, in the key points to ensure meticulous care.