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Stainless steel furniture tube energy saving technology and the problems that must be paid attention to when cutting

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  stainless steel furniture tubeThe production process is complicated, the process flow is many, and the production and manufacturing energy consumption is large. In order to save resources and improve efficiency, stainless steel furniture and pipe factory in recent years has adopted the following key energy-saving and environmental protection technologies:

(1) Selection of rolled steel finishing pipe instead of cold-rolled finishing pipe;

(2) Selection of new ring heat treatment furnace and insulation materials;

(3) Select new machinery and equipment, new technology and new technology, cancel the reheat treatment furnace process when the die, and select energy-saving reheating when the supporting force is reduced;

(4) Select the on-line normal processing process, and its on-line immediate heat treatment and then quenching processing process, cancel the heat treatment heat treatment furnace.

(5) Develop and design the technology of hot delivery and hot loading of rolled steel finishing pipes.

Cuttingstainless steel furniture tubeThere are often errors in the process. This problem must be grasped before it is scratched and when it is manufactured. So how to prevent this error and prevent it from being scratched?

When the key raw materials are prepared in advance, the stainless steel furniture pipe should be placed at zero distance or back to back in the middle. Other attention should be paid to the destruction of numerical control tools and whether there are burrs.

Secondlystainless steel furniture tubeWhen scratching production and manufacturing, the key should be to check whether the stainless steel furniture tube has scratches, which is conducive to checking the quality of finished product inspection. If there is a scratch, it should be returned and cannot be manufactured.

in addition,stainless steel furniture tubeWhen bending, first check whether there is sediment on the upper and lower molds and thick steel plates that may not be clean. If there is, remove it first. Otherwise, the bending operation cannot be carried out to avoid pinching stainless steel furniture tubes.