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Stainless steel engineering pipe: how to solve the problem when welding?

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DoStainless steel engineering pipeManufacturers, Zhonglian stainless steel products factory often receive some problems. Today, Xiao Bian simply analyzed some problems of stainless steel engineering pipes during electric welding and welding, and the solutions to these problems, hoping to provide some assistance to everyone.
1,,Stainless steel engineering pipeWelding specification does not meet the requirements
Preventive measures: select appropriate weld viewing angle and installation gap; Improve installation quality; Select the main parameters of suitable welding methods; Improve the actual operation technical strength of welders, etc.
2. The stainless steel engineering pipe is not melted through
Preventive measures: proper adoption and production and processing of weld specifications, effective installation, ensuring gaps, selecting suitable welding current and welding rate, and improving the actual operation and technical strength of welders.
3、Stainless steel engineering pipeNot welded
Preventive measures: properly select the main parameters of welding methods, carefully operate, improve the removal of virtual beams, and enhance the actual operation technical strength of welders.
4. Stainless steel engineering pipe with air outlet
Preventive measures: eliminate oil stains, rust and moisture within the scope of 20-30mm on both sides of the weld before welding; Bake the cake strictly according to the temperature and time required by the welding wire instructions; Appropriate selection of main parameters of welding method and appropriate actual operation; As far as possible, short arc welding shall be selected. Wind resistance equipment shall be provided for suburban engineering construction. Invalid welding wire is not allowed, such as rust, falling off of welding core and excessive axial force.
The above is a small compilation, relatedStainless steel engineering pipeThe problems and solutions of electric welding are expected to provide some assistance to everyone.