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Stainless steel furniture pipe surface treatment-stainless steel wire drawing pipe process introduction

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In recent years, more and more innovative surface treatment processes, especiallyStainless Steel Wire-drawing TubeProcess, almost has become the mainstream process of surface treatment. The painting is not only beautiful, but also has an anti-erosion effect, and even incorporates some fashionable and scientific elements.

Let Zhonglianstainless steel furniture tubeThe small series, to show you the stainless steel surface drawing process.



  Stainless Steel Wire-drawing TubeAccording to the needs of decoration, the surface stretching process can be divided into straight stretching, random stretching, thread stretching, corrugated stretching and spiral stretching.

1. Straight Pull:stainless steel furniture tubeThe surface has a straight line, which is processed by friction on the surface of stainless steel.Stainless Steel Wire-drawing TubeIt has the dual function of brushing off the stainless steel surface and decorating the stainless steel surface.

Straight wire drawing can be divided into two types: continuous wire drawing and intermittent wire drawing.

Continuous silk patterns can be obtained by continuously rubbing the stainless steel surface with a scrubbing pad or a stainless steel brush. By changing the wire diameter of the stainless steel brush, grains of different thickness can be obtained.

In addition, intermittent threads are typically machined on a scrubbing machine. Manufacturing principle: the use of two sets of co-rotating differential wheel, the upper group for the rapid rotation of the grinding roller, the lower group for the slow rotation of the rubber roller.stainless steel furniture tubeThe plate passes through two sets of rollers and brushes with small, intermittent Z-lines.

2. Random drawing drawing: Brush with high-speed copper wire. By moving back and forth, left and right and rubbing the metal, it will get an irregular matt pattern without obvious patterns. This processing usually requires a higher surface for metal analysis.

3. Corrugated wire drawing: generally in the polishing machine and wiping machine. Using the axial movement of the upper grinding roller and the grinding brush on the metal surface, the waveform is obtained.

4. Spiral wire drawing: also known as optical wire drawing, is a silk pattern obtained by installing a cylindrical felt or overlapping nylon wheel on a drilling machine, then blending and polishing oil paste with kerosene, and then rotating and polishing the metal surface.

It is usually used for decorative processing of round signs and small decorative dials.

5. Wire drawing: Use a small motor with round felt on the shaft, and then fix it on the desktop at a 60-degree angle to the edge of the desktop. Then make a tray with fixed metal beads, stick a layer of polyester film on the tray, and use straightness to limit the width of the line.

Using the rotation of the felt and the linear movement of the carriage, the lines of the same width will be worn off on the metal surface

Zhonglian Precisionstainless steel furniture tubeThe quality control of the surface treatment is very strict and careful. The surface treatment is carried out under the condition of ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the stainless steel wire drawing tube, and the details are continuously improved.