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Professional manufacturing strength

      Zhaohuada Steel Pipe Factory, Baini Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Founded in 1996, it is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the production base of stainless steel decorative materials in China. It is a specialized enterprise specializing in the production, research and development and sales of stainless steel pipes. The existing staff of more than 300 people, has its own rolling equipment, annealing process line, steel strip pickling line, slitting equipment, pipe welding machine and polishing machine. Main products are:Decorative tube,Product tube,Stainless steel pipe,Stainless steel capillary,embossing tube,sand light pipe,bright light tube,Stainless steel embossing tubeWait.

Actively strive for integrity management

In line with the business philosophy of "quality for survival, innovation for development", Zhaohuada is market-oriented, customer satisfaction is its responsibility, and strives to provide users with high-quality products at reasonable prices and perfect services. Zhaohuada focuses on the future, keeps pace with the times, develops and innovates, and constantly strives to improve and update the product structure in order to achieve better quality and service.
After years of unremitting efforts, our products have been well received by customers and supported by users and merchants. The company has also achieved better development. It has successively won the "Quality Brand Enterprise", "Chinese Famous Products", "AAA China Quality Credit Enterprise" and other titles. The products are recognized by international standards and have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. At present, our factory has been equipped with 108 production lines with domestic level, with complete process technology and product specifications, with thickness ranging from 0.23mm to 4.0mm, round tube specifications ranging from 6 to 219mm, and square tube specifications ranging from 8X8 to 120X120. Products covering all parts of the country, while exported to overseas, occupy foreign markets, enjoy a good reputation among users, customers have been unanimously recognized.

dare to innovate

Zhaohuada adheres to the tenet of "talents as the core and equipment as the foundation", takes "innovation" as the goal, and under the guidance of the quality policy of "serving wholeheartedly, striving for perfection", Zhaohuada constantly pursues new, special and excellent products, with strong technical force, excellent equipment, efficient management mode, strict quality control system and perfect quality assurance system, provide products and services to customers everywhere.
At present, only a few stainless steel enterprises in Foshan have such a process for pickling steel belts in our factory. Although the cost is rising, we still adhere to this process, only to effectively enhance the anti-rust ability of rusty steel belts, ensure the quality of our products, and provide customers with more high-quality and durable products.
Every year, our factory will invest most of its resources in upgrading production capacity, updating equipment and introducing advanced production technology from abroad. Our production workshop has gradually added automatic loading and unloading equipment, automatic packaging machines and other advanced equipment, and strive for excellence.

Professional team people-oriented

In line with the business tenet of "people-oriented, science and technology", Zhaohuada has introduced talents from outside and trained employees internally, and has continuously developed and grown. Now it has more than 100 professional management personnel. Our factory is committed to creating a relaxed and comfortable working environment and a harmonious working atmosphere for the team. We have established a working, learning and living environment with firm corporate cultural characteristics and a scientific mechanism for selecting, educating and employing people. Every employee has a strong sense of belonging and pride to the enterprise. Under the influence of Zhaohuada's unique corporate culture, all employees have a high sense of responsibility, mission and team spirit, in the spirit of being responsible to consumers, the quality of Zhaohuada products will be better.

Climb the peak again and forge ahead

Over the past two decades, Zhaohuada has created the glory of Zhaohuada with its active hard work, courage to reform, innovation, good at management, integrity management, people-oriented spirit, quality and advanced management concepts. Strong financial strength, advanced production equipment, high-quality talent team, for Zhaohuada stainless steel to lay a strong competitive advantage. With unremitting pursuit and continuous innovation, Zhaohuada will accelerate the expansion of production scale in the future, take the market as the guidance, take manufacturing as the backing, continue to strengthen the business model of integration of production and marketing, pursue orderly growth, base on China, look at the world, and become an outstanding enterprise in the stainless steel products industry. Zhaohuada is willing to join hands with our customers into a bright and brilliant future.