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2020 is the turning point of the comprehensive popularization of stainless steel furniture pipe

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  stainless steel furniture tubeIt is not only the choice of home improvement pipes, but also high-quality pipes with high cost performance. The one-time direct cost is comparable to PPR and galvanized steel pipes.

The PPR plastic tube does not have any toxicity, but as the use time increases, it will produce certain bacteria. After long-term use, PPR water pipes may become a gathering place for secondary pollution of water quality.

In addition, ppr water pipe has a fatal defect, that is, plasticizer will volatilize when the temperature is particularly high, and PPR material is easy to age at high temperature, which also increases the hidden danger of water leakage.

The use of stainless steel furniture pipes to prevent secondary pollution of water is to ensure water quality safety from the outside, and the optimization of pipeline design and connection methods is to protect fresh and healthy water quality from the inside.

In the home improvement market,stainless steel furniture tubeAs a new product, it is often regarded as a "luxury" by most people ". However, after investigation, it is found that the longer the stainless steel furniture pipe is used, the greater the price advantage, which exceeds the PPR water pipe.

In fact, in terms of economic use cost, stainless steel furniture pipe is more economical than PPR water pipe. Why? Let's make a record.

Investment and use cost of water pipe materials = initial cost (including materials, processing and installation) equipment operating cost (including maintenance, replacement and removal)-recovery cost This formula lists the measurement indicators of the economic performance of water pipe materials. Among them, the service life is the key to the economic performance of the pipeline. The longer the service life of the pipeline, the lower the cost. Compared with the long life of stainless steel furniture pipes, PPR water pipes generally need to be replaced within 10-20 years.

Looking back on the past, in 2017 and 2018, the relevant policies and announcements of "application of stainless steel pipes" were issued for several consecutive years; in the national standard "green building evaluation standard" issued in 2019, the indoor water supply system once again clearly requires the use of copper pipes or stainless steel pipes.

Given that copper pipes are expensive, the price/performance ratio is much lowerstainless steel furniture tubeThe implementation of this standard indicates that stainless steel furniture pipes will become the main choice for indoor water supply systems. This is not only the implementation of national standards, but also an important measure to implement the central green development concept.

From the follow-up policy point of view, the advantages of stainless steel furniture management has been highly valued and fully recognized by the government authorities.

We have reason to believe and expect that 2020 will bestainless steel furniture tubeAt the turning point of comprehensive popularization, the stainless steel furniture management industry will develop faster and faster, and will soon usher in huge development and new opportunities!