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How to choose the right stainless steel light tube?

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Some friends pointed out that the gas hose used at home is always easy to "drop the chain", such as cracking and hardening. In fact, in this case, we need to consider upgrading the gas hose, so let us explain what we need to pay attention ~

Among the currently commonly used gas hoses, stainless steel pipes have the advantages of long service life and good durability, can prevent rats from biting and falling off, and can withstand the test of high temperature and corrosion.

At present, stainless steel gas bellows products can be divided into ordinary stainless steelbright light tubeAnd stainless steel super flexible tube two types, suitable for different occasions. Generally speaking, gas appliances, such as water heaters and built-in cookware, can be connected through ordinary stainless steel bright light pipes.

For mobile gas appliances, such as desktop furnaces, stainless steel ultra-flexible pipes need to be installed instead of ordinary stainless steel bright pipes. If you want to install a gas dryer that can effectively improve the quality of home life, you also need to use stainless steel ultra-flexible tubes. At the same time, Hong Kong and China Group has adopted double inspection quality confirmation measures for stainless steel ultra-flexible pipes to ensure the safety of everyone.

Distinguish between ordinary stainless steelbright light tubeAnd the method of stainless steel ultra-flexible pipe is very simple, and the product execution standard will be printed on the coating of the pipe. CJ/T 197-2010 is printed on ordinary stainless steel bright light tube, CJ/T 197-2010 and DB31 are printed on stainless steel ultra-flexible tube, followed by the word "ultra-flexible.

Finally, the choice of reliable stainless steelbright light tubeThe correct installation method is also very important. ~ If you need to buy and install gas hoses at home, you must go through regular channels and ask professionals to operate them ~