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Discover the charm of stainless steel bathroom tubes from the exquisite life of Japan

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Japan is not only a country marked by cutting-edge science, but also a country with high requirements for refinement in the field of family life. In the field of daily drinking water, for example, in 1982, Japan began to useStainless steel bathroom tubeAs a city water supply pipeline. Nowadays, the proportion of stainless steel bathroom tubes used in Tokyo and Japan is as high as 95%.

Why?Stainless steel bathroom tubeIs widely used in the transportation of drinking water in Japan?

Before 1955, galvanized pipes were widely used in water pipes in Tokyo, Japan. From 1955 to 1980, plastic pipes and steel-plastic composite pipes were widely used. Although the water quality and leakage problems of galvanized pipes have been partially solved, the leakage problem of Tokyo's water supply network is still very serious, and the leakage rate reached 40%-45% in the 1970 s.

For more than a decade, the Tokyo Power Supply Bureau has conducted a large number of experimental studies on water leakage. According to the analysis, 60.2 of the water leakage is caused by the external force caused by the insufficient strength of the water pipe material, 24.5 is caused by the unreasonable design of the pipe joint, and 8.0 is caused by the unreasonable design of the pipe caused by the excessive expansion rate of the plastic.

For this reason, the Japan Waterway Association recommends improving water pipe materials and connection methods. Since May 1980, all water supply pipes from the auxiliary main line to the water meter with a diameter of less than 50mm have used stainless steel water pipes, stainless steel bathroom pipes, pipe joints, elbows and faucets.

According to statistics from the water supply department in Tokyo, as the utilization rate of stainless steel rose from 11% in 1982 to more than 90% in 2000, the number of water leaks also dropped from more than 50000 in the late 1970 s to 2-3 in 2000. This fundamentally solved the problem of water leakage in residents' drinking water pipes.

Now in Tokyo, Japan, stainless steel water pipes have been installed in all residential areas, which has greatly improved water quality and enhanced earthquake resistance. FromStainless steel bathroom tubeIn Japan, it can be seen that the advantages of stainless steel water pipes in environmental protection, resource conservation and health are beyond doubt.

In China,Stainless steel bathroom tubeInitially, it was mainly used for military industry. After nearly 30 years of development, the technical level of the product has been significantly improved, and gradually into the government to promote the field of drinking water transportation. On May 15, 2017, the "Technical Regulations for Direct Drinking Water Systems for Pipelines in Buildings and Communities" was promulgated, stipulating that stainless steel bathroom pipes should be selected as high-quality pipes. In this form, a group of representatives of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises with strong technical strength were born in China