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Development of Stainless Steel Bathroom Pipe Connection Mode

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the health of water sources. at present,Stainless steel bathroom tubeWith its unique advantages, it stands out among many pipes and gradually becomes popular. However, there is no problem in the material of the stainless steel bathroom tube, but there are many problems in the development of various connection methods. Zhonglian stainless steel products factory will introduce the development process of stainless steel bathroom pipe.

At present, there are four connection methods for stainless steel bathroom pipes, including welding, threading, flange and crimping. Different connection methods have different advantages and disadvantages.

One. Welding type

Including butt argon arc welding and socket argon arc welding. TIG welding is used for welding seams, connecting sockets or ring welding.

Welding connection is a common connection method, but the welding of stainless steel needs to be protected by the gas inside and outside the pipeline. Otherwise, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel will be greatly reduced. Due to the low efficiency and high cost of this method, this method has not been used for water supplyStainless steel bathroom tubeThe welding of the stainless steel bathroom pipe leads to serious oxidation of the welding part of the inner wall of the stainless steel bathroom pipe, and the corrosion resistance is reduced.

the advantages and disadvantages of welding:

Reliable connection, simple pipe structure

1. Difficult operation and high construction cost

2. There are strong heat sources and live working, and there are fire safety hazards during the operation.

3. It is difficult to protect the inside of the weld during field operation, resulting inStainless steel bathroom tubeThe inner wall is excessively oxidized, and the oxide layer cannot be removed after welding, resulting in corrosion.

2 Thread Type

When using threaded connections, due to the depth of the thread,Stainless steel bathroom tubeA larger thickness is required, and it is much more difficult to process threads on stainless steel than on galvanized steel pipes. At the same time, the construction efficiency of the threaded connection is low.

Including flexible type, compression type, ferrule type and expanded ring type

By tightening the nut, the inner part of the pipe is tightly fixed to the pipe, and the end face or side face is sealed.

Advantages and disadvantages of threaded connections

Features: Quick installation and disassembly.


1. The connection reliability is relatively weak, and the thread is easy to loosen when shaking, resulting in a small pressing force of the nut on the seal and water leakage.

2. The structure of the pipe fittings is complex and there are many parts. This leads to high pipeline costs.

3) They cannot be buried.