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What is food grade 304L thin wall stainless steel bathroom tube?

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304L Thin WallStainless steel bathroom tubeMade of high-quality 304L stainless steel plate, through pressure testing, to ensure the quality of the water pipe and the safety of the customer's food, clothing, housing and drinking water.

  304LStainless steel bathroom tubeThe service facilities include general stainless steel bathroom pipes, and various interface standards can be selected, including double-clamping stainless steel bathroom pipes, socket and welded stainless steel bathroom pipes, pipe trench stainless steel bathroom pipes, waterproof, moisture-proof, waterproof and fast-loading stainless steel bathroom pipes, etc. And fully consider the various requirements of many different machinery manufacturing industries.

thin wallStainless steel bathroom tubeVery easy to repair. Double-card pressure stainless steel bathroom pipe is used in facilities with similar specifications and models.

The pipes of Zhidao series products include: double card pressure and other direct insertion type, double card pressure different direct insertion type, double card pressure external tooth in-line insertion type, double card pressure internal tooth in-line insertion type and double card pressure mobile internal tooth in-line insertion type;

Elbow series pipes include: double clamp pressure 45 equal diameter elbow, double clamp pressure 45B elbow, double clamp pressure 90 equal diameter elbow, double clamp pressure 90B elbow, double clamp pressure reducing elbow, double clamp pressure external tooth elbow, double clamp pressure internal tooth elbow, double clamp pressure internal tooth short elbow;

Three-way pipe fittings four-way series of pipes include: double-pressure equal-diameter three-way, double-pressure reducing three-way, double-pressure inner-tooth three-way pipe fittings, outer-tooth three-way pipe fittings, etc. To four-way, double card pressure, and four-way;

Other series products include: double pressure pipe cap, flat pipe bridge, water pipe bracket, hexagonal external teeth;

thin wallStainless steel bathroom tubeIt has been used in many fields, such as home decoration, construction site construction, food, clothing, housing and traffic heating pipes, cleaning and other water supply and drainage projects, farmland irrigation and fire protection and other processing and manufacturing industries. Widely used in hospitals, institutions of higher learning, stadiums, high-end residential, high-end shopping malls and office buildings.

Compared with ordinary plastic pipes, what are the advantages of thin-walled stainless steel bathroom pipes?

1. The service life is more than 70 years, no maintenance and upgrades are required. Application of comprehensive direct costs more economic, more social.

2. The utilization rate of commodity raw materials is 100, which is in line with the actual ecological civilization construction regulations.

3. The product model covers DN15-DN300 series of products, more than 1000 kinds, all of which have been mass produced.

Abnormal raw materials, specifications and models can also be customized, and the production and processing chain of the machinery manufacturing industry has matured.