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304 stainless steel decorative tube with excellent plasticity and corrosion resistance

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  304Stainless Steel Decorative TubeThe raw materials contain various rare elements, such as chromium, nickel, carbon, iron and so on. It is precisely because of the presence of this rare element that the stainless steel decorative tube has excellent plasticity and corrosion resistance. 304 stainless steel decorative tube has the advantages of small elongation, high toughness, high hardness index, and short plastic deformation from compromise to rupture. After deep drawing deformation, deep drawing cracks sometimes appear, which appear immediately after being pulled out of the cavity. After the low alloy sheet is deformed, it sometimes produces impact or vibration, and after deep drawing deformation, it will occur after storage or use for a period of time. So, why is the 304 stainless steel decorative tube defective in the wire drawing layer?

Cracking reason: ferrite 304Stainless Steel Decorative TubeThe cold work hardening index value is 0.34. Ferritic 304 stainless steel decorative tube is a kind of metastable state, which will change in the whole process of deformation, resulting in the production of austenitic tissue. The austenitic structure is ductile and prone to cracking. In the entire plastic deformation process, with the increase of deformation, the higher the water content of the austenite structure, the greater the internal stress, and the more prone to cracks in the production process.

in addition,Stainless Steel Decorative TubeThe quality is determined by the steel chain. Generally speaking, 304 stainless steel decorative pipes are manufactured with refining furnace steel chains. According to the water content of copper, it can be divided into low copper raw materials, medium copper raw materials and high copper raw materials. Therefore, the extension harm of pipe fittings is increased in turn, but the relative price will be slightly higher. As there are many well-known brands of stainless steel decorative pipes in the sales market, the market competition is fierce, the price of the same industry has dropped sharply, and the profit has become thinner and thinner. Therefore, there will be a cheaper medium frequency induction furnace charge and take delivery.

To put it bluntly, the high-frequency raw material is a steel chain obtained from stainless steel scrap, but at the beginning of high-frequency seasoning, the total etching area is quite large, which makes this raw material unable to integrate into the sales market. With the continuous development of industrial production technology, the cost of the finished product of the intermediate frequency induction furnace is much lower than that of the refining furnace, and the raw materials of the intermediate frequency induction furnace are also circulating in the sales market. The medium frequency induction furnace has many residues of raw materials, high carbon content and high strength of pipe fittings, which is easy to break when used for bending pipe production and processing.

How to reasonably prevent 304Stainless Steel Decorative TubeCracking, choose a refining furnace steel chain stainless steel decorative tube manufacturer. The stainless steel decorative tube made of the steel chain of the refining furnace has good plasticity and can take into account the complex production and processing of stainless steel decorative tubes, such as bending, sheet metal bending, flaring and necking. In addition, less residue, can be polished, higher requirements.