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In daily life, the surface film of stainless steel decoration is often damaged in what form?

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If 304Stainless Steel Decorative TubeWhen the workpiece is heated, the surface is stuck with oil, and the thickness and composition of the oxide scale of the sticky oil part are different from other parts, and carburization will occur. The carburized part of the base metal under the oxide skin will be severely corroded by acid. When the heavy oil burner is just starting to burn, the sprayed oil droplets will have a great impact if they adhere to the workpiece. When the operator's fingerprint is attached to the workpiece, it will also have an impact. Therefore, the bathing personnel should not directly touch the stainless steel parts with their hands, nor should they apply new oil stains to the parts. Be sure to wear clean gloves when operating. If the surface of the workpiece is cold worked, the attached lubricating oil must be completely degreased in trichloroethylene degreaser and caustic soda solution, then washed with warm water, and then heat treated. If there are debris on the surface of the stainless steel decorative tube, especially when organic matter or dust is attached to the workpiece, heating will definitely affect the oxide scale. 304 the different atmosphere in the stainless steel decorative tube furnace and the different atmosphere in each part of the furnace will also change the formation of oxide scale, which is also the reason for the unevenness after pickling. Therefore, when heating, the atmosphere of each part of the furnace must be the same. Therefore, we must also consider the circulation of the atmosphere.

1. InStainless Steel Decorative TubeOn the surface, dust containing other metal elements or attachments of different metal particles are deposited. In the humid air, the condensate between the accessories and the stainless steel decorative tube connects them into a miniature battery, causing an electrochemical reaction, so the protective film is damaged, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

2. Organic juice adheres to the surface of the stainless steel decorative tube, and forms organic acids in the presence of water and oxygen. After a long time, the organic acid corroded the metal surface.

3. Due to local corrosion,Stainless Steel Decorative TubeAcids, alkalis and salts are attached to the surface.

4. In contaminated air, condensed water will be encountered, forming sulfuric acid, nitric acid and acetic acid liquid points, resulting in chemical corrosion.

All of these situations can leadStainless Steel Decorative TubeThe protective film on the surface is damaged and causes corrosion.