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A simple analysis of the current market situation of bright light tubes.

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As billet prices continue to fall,Market sales of bright light tubesIt is beginning to show some resistance. Despite recent firm quotations from traders, shipments remain difficult. At present, the steel mill inventory rose slightly. In the gradual weakening of steel demand, capital constraints, the overall market turnover light. expected in the near futurebright light tubeMarketwill beA consolidation run.

This week in the North.Bright Light Tube SalesThe trend is mixed. The northwest is stable, the northeast is declining, and the north is rising. The main reason is that the inventory cycle of manufacturers is relatively short, and it is normal to pick up according to their own arrival.But...resources become increasingly scarce due to the increase in the number of manufacturers and traders in the Northwest,bright light tubeThe price of steel continued to decline slightly.But there is noAdjust Pricethe ability. Low early procurement prices in North China, coupled with insufficient steel mill inventories, led to an increase in some leading steel millsYield, while small steel mills may stop due to financial pressures orLow priceReceiving goods. Manufacturers in Northeast Almost Halt Productionbright light tube, buy only a small amount of quality materials, andPressureThe price phenomenon is serious. The volume of transactions for high-quality materials is only1,550Around, some manufacturers that are still in production have slightly higher purchase prices.

In general, purchased laterManufacturerthe number will be further reduced,bright light tubeFinished productsQuantitywill continue to decline and scrap pressure will increase. The mainstream of the market is under pressure, some large mine inventories continue to increase, downstream demand is not strong, the transaction situation is not ideal. Due to recentbright light tube priceContinued decline and poor market expectations, most coking steel companies believe that,bright light tubeThe price will decrease slightly in the later period. As a result, they are more cautious about their current purchases. Inventories at some coking plants are starting to shrink and there is little demand for purchases.,High working pressure.