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What are the cutting methods of stainless steel bathroom tube

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Since the stainless steel bathroom pipe has high tensile strength and hardness, and its ability to resist deformation is also high, the bending force required during the cold forming of the cylinder and the cylinder head is relatively large. In addition, cold plastic deformation will reduce the stress corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel, so it is recommended that when the deformation rate of stainless steel bathroom pipe exceeds10%, solid solution treatment after molding. Stainless steel bathroom tube has high strength, large surface stress, large forming force, and surface defects are easy to cause cracking. Therefore, the surface of the material should be tested and the surface defects should be eliminated. In addition, the method used to cut the stainless steel bathroom tube will also affect the performance of the stainless steel bathroom tube. Let's take a look at the cutting methods.

1、Flame cutting and gas cutting do not work at all. The end of the pipe must be discolored. The melting point of the oxide of chromium-nickel stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy is higher than the melting point of the material itself, so it is impossible to cut the stainless steel bathroom tube with oxygen at all.

2、Carbon arc gouging Carbon arc gouging refers to the use of graphite rods or the arc generated between the carbon rod and the workpiece to melt the metal and blow it away with compressed air to achieve groove processing on the metal surface. Carbon arc has smoke, dust pollution and arc radiation. After melting and cooling, many metal residues adhere to the inner wall and are difficult to eradicate. Therefore, this method is not suitable for cutting stainless steel bathroom tubes.

3、Wire cutting and fast wire cutting can meet the cutting quality requirements. However, it should be noted that the color of the pipe end line will change after cutting, so it needs to be polished. Slow speed delay the progress of the project, can consider small batch production.

4、Turn on the cutting wheel of the grinding wheel. After cutting stainless steel bathroom pipes with ordinary grinding wheels, burrs and hanging burrs will appear. The use of automatic stainless steel tube end deburring machine can achieve better application results, low cost, but the consumption of grinding wheel is large, suitable for small batch use.