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Performance of 304 stainless steel pipe

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304 stainless steel pipeYesAn important part of the stainless steel field. As a widely used stainless steel series, its excellent performance is its wide applicationThe reason forOne.Below bandSimpleofUnderstandingJust a moment.304 the performance of stainless steel pipe. Why 304 stainless steel pipes are widely used in various industries,andProduction needs are relatively high.


1、304 stainless steel pipe has a considerableStrongGreat corrosion resistance. Due to its corrosion resistance,InColdWaterHandling and stamping properties are commonly used as heat-resistant stainless steel.

2、The 304 stainless steel tube can exhibit stainless steel function at a freezing temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. In environments involving water quality and oxidation, corrosion resistance is still present.


3、304 stainless steel pipe cooling methodCompareCommon, generalUseAir cooling,CompareThe common method is water cooling. Temperaturecan be in1080°Cand-1100 degrees CelsiusTo raise or lower. In addition, the temperature can be reduced850 degrees Celsius -970 degrees Celsius, and process the water again after the temperature.

304 stainless steel pipes can be welded.It should be noted that,General during weldingThere will be continuous carbides, and at the same time itManual arc welding may also be addition,thin radial containing0.04% to 0.06% carbon, welding rod is used for OLY 002, which will not cause corrosion after welding. The slurry at the rear is in304 stainless steelheated after welding,This isMake sure it has the original corrosion resistance,Otherwise, it will reduce its stainless steel performance.

To measure304 stainless steel productsQuality,You need to pay attention to it.Whether it can be smoothly formed and the yield of finished products is good or bad. By304 stainless steel pipes are cold formed, there are many reasons for cold forming of 304 stainless steel pipes, and the reasons are relatively complicated. If we look at it in terms of metallography, most of the reasons are304 stainless steelIt contains more steel components, in addition.The tensile properties of 304 stainless steel specifications are also important. Therefore, in order to obtain a better cold forming 304 stainless steel, every step must be strictly controlled and managed.