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Brief Analysis on Performance of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe

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304 stainless steel pipe occupies an important position in the field of stainless steel. As a widely used stainless steel series, its excellent performance is one of the reasons for its wide application.BelowYes, yes.A brief introduction to the performance of 304 stainless steel pipes.

Why?304 stainless steel pipeCompared with other stainless steel pipe productsRelatively large production needs and uses are widely used in all walks of life across the country?Here is a brief introduction for everyone.


1、304 stainless steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. Due to its corrosion resistance,ThereforeIt has good cold working and stamping properties, so it is often used as a heat-resistant stainless steel product.

2、even inFrozen at 180 degrees Celsius, 304 stainless steel pipe can alsoAdequatePlay its stainless steel function. In the water quality and oxidation rich environment, it still has corrosion resistance.

Cooling method of 304 stainless steel pipeVeryGenerally, it is air-cooled or water-cooled, and the common method is water-cooled. ManufacturingThe temperature can reachBetween 1080 degrees Celsius and 1100 degrees Celsius. In addition, the temperature may be lowered to 850 degrees Celsius to 970 degrees Celsius during the cold working, and heat retention may be performed, and then a water cooling process may be performed.

Can be welded304 stainless steel pipe.but needAttentionof: Usually,304 stainless steel pipe will continue during weldingappearCarbide.


304 stainless steel pipes can also be manually arc welded. Note: The thin section size contains 0.04-0.06 carbon, and the electrode size is 002, which will not corrode after welding. In addition, the rear ruler must be heated after welding to ensure its original corrosion resistance,Otherwise, it will reduce its stainless steel performance.

In order to measure304 cost-effectiveness of cold forming is an important determinant of the quality of stainless steel pipes, whether they can be smoothly formed, and the output. This is because some 304 stainless steel tubes are cold formed. However, the reasons for cold forming of 304 stainless steel pipesVeryMany, and the reasons are relatively complex. If you analyze it according to metal science, most of the reason is because it contains too much steel. In addition, the tensile properties of the specifications are alsoVeryImportant. Therefore, in order to obtain better304 stainless steel pipe cold forming,need in the manufacturing processControl a good degree.